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Our passion for citrus fruits that fuels all our operations at Krops Imports also leads us to import the best available fruits. Specializing in clementines and mandarins, we focus mainly on three flagship citrus products.


A round and firm citrus fruit from the clementine tree with a less pronounced flavour than the mandarin. It is often seedless.


A seedless citrus fruit, the nour clementine is medium in size and orange in colour. It stands out for its pronounced peduncle and sweet, juicy flavour.

Morocco nadorcott

The hybrid product of a natural union of the mandarin and orange trees, this variety stands out for its flavour, which is perfectly balanced between sweet and sour. It has a flat shape, and its smooth, bright orange skin is easy to peel.

Did you know?

Morocco nadorcott seedless mandarins are produced inside 100% isolated, regularly monitored groves. Isolation ensures that the fruits are naturally autosterile and not receptive to cross-pollination by other citrus varieties. This produces seedless fruits without any genetic manipulation! Morrocco is the only country in the world to preserve this 100% natural feature.

Our technologies

Out of respect for our partners’ efforts to grow the best fruits possible, Krops Imports uses state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the best product quality for consumers worldwide.

GPS tracking

We use an integrated GPS system to track our marine cargo.

A.I. for market forecasts

We can predict market variability to offer you the lowest prices.

Airocide preservation

Our anti-ethylene protective technology was developed by NASA

Sophisticated traceability

Our system allows for unequalled traceability in the industry.

Strella BiotechTM optimization

Our U.S. startup adds the ability to track our shipments in real-time.

Green batteries

We are working to electrify the forklifts at our warehouses.

Our advantages

We have a reputation for always delivering, no matter what…
If our logistics are unbeatable, it’s because we have a few secrets. Here they are:

97% service appreciation rate

We measure our service appreciation rate to improve all processes in real time.

Dedicated team working 24/7

To achieve these results, we have dedicated teams working 24/7.

Custom orders

We have the structure necessary to deliver according to your specific needs and exacting expectations.

Post-order flexibility

We can adapt to your reality and make changes after you place your order.

Direct delivery to your supermarket

Do you need transport to your supermarket? We have a vehicle fleet at your service.

Same-day delivery

Got an emergency? Need to add to your order on delivery day? We’re here to make sure things go smoothly.

From Morrocco to Canada

We were the first in Canada to import numerous varieties of clementines and mandarins that have become today’s favourites. This is thanks to a unique network of partners.

Our partners in Morrocco offer a diverse number of varieties that provide the Krops Imports clientele with added value that relies on cutting-edge agronomic research implemented at citrus groves, and on regular and sustainable investments in research and development.

Morrocco, a citrus cultivation kingdom

Export groups in Morrocco that are Krops Imports partners cover all the Moroccan citrus cultivation regions, making it possible to fulfil trade programs seamlessly and in specific areas.



Berkane, Madagh, Triffas


Rabat - Salé - Kénitra

Gharb, Sidi Slimane


Béni Mela - Khénifra

Beni-Mellal, Fqih Ben Salah


Marrakech - Safi



Le Souss

Agadir, Taroudant, Ouled Berrehyll, Aoulouz, Ouled Taima


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If you want to discuss technology, import your products into Canada, grow with us anywhere in the world, or if you’re looking for a new challenge, you’ll find it here! *We believe that the import of fruits and vegetables is due for an overhaul. Technology, investments in our producers and community involvement.

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